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Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?

It's easy to go to the grocery, pick up what we need and never give a thought to how it got there.

I remember watching a show once where they asked children where milk came from.

I laughed and laughed when a little boy said, the farmer turns the cows out and they eat all day and milk cartons grow on them then at night when the cows come back into the barn the farmer picks them off.

While I did laugh I know it's important that we all know where our food comes from.

Did you ever wonder how your chicken got in the cooler at the grocery store?

Our oldest daughter, Heidi says she never looks at a piece of produce or meat in a package or fruit at a stand without thinking about the farmer and how much work it took to get that product to the store.

She has done the work so she respects the process.

When we raise our tomatoes we pick them the day of sale. They truly ripen on the vine. That means we have to treat them gentle and pack them correctly. When produce is ready it's ready …

My Parents, My In-Laws and the Example of Long Time Love

The last couple of days have left me thinking about marriage.

Last night my brother and I sat on the little couch to the side of our mothers hospital bed talking to dad while mom slept.

After a bit dad got up and went and stood by moms bed. He just stood there and watched her sleep. My brother and I watched him watch her. I think we were both teary eyed.

Mom woke up and they talked a little about how she felt and what she needed.

I couldn't help but think about the way they were with each other. I knew it hadn't came easy.

I remembered a time when we were young, dad was working away twelve hours a day, farming and helping his father farm as well. Mom was with us all the time.

Things got rough between them for awhile. I think they wondered if they would make it.

Thankfully they stuck it out, thankfully they walked through that rough season. They stayed the course.

They've been together for 52 years now and here was dad standing by her bedside watching her sleep, putting her…