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My grandmother's were  two completely different types of women.
Both of them wonderful and I loved them immensely.
One of them has passed away and one is still living.
One always had birthday cakes for us and the other one didn't.
One always had big Christmas dinners and one of them didn't.
One bought us gifts fairly often, one didn't.
It didn't matter to me.
As a child I don't think I even realized it.
All I knew was they both loved me.
I loved so many things about each of them.
I remember one Christmas I got an electric blanket and a Minnie mouse wrist watch.
I adored it. The blanket was yellow and the watch was white. I received many gifts from that grandma but that stands out in my mind.
I didn't get many gifts from my other grandma but I didn't care. She didn't drive and things were just different.
But I do remember the gifts I got from her. One day I was at her house and she asked me to go into the front bedroom with her.
She had me sit down on…