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Names are important.

We spend a lot of time picking out our children's names.

When we marry, our husbands give us their name.

 It's not just our names that are important but the name of everything.

Every known thing has a name.

Trees, paper, medicine, tv shows, hotels, games, and on and on.

Every thing has a name even things like, worry, depression, hopelessness, financial stress. cancer, tumors, resentment, hurt feelings, laziness, sickness, learning disabilities, jealousy, anxiety.

You could say, you name it and it has a name.

Just a few days ago Mark and I had some distressing news.

It felt like more distressing news on top of the distressing news we were already working through.

We were sitting in the drive thru at McDonalds going over how it all seemed to much.

If Mark hadn't had the steering wheel and if I wasn't digging through my purse we would have been wringing our hands.

Then it hit us.

What are we doing?

We are too old to be acting like this.

We have read a…