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I think about this every Christmas.

One day when I was expecting Jessica I was at my whits end.

It was a hot august day and I was seven months pregnant.

We didn't have air conditioning and I was miserable.

Heidi and Lucas were into everything that day.

Finally I called my mom.

I asked her if I could bring the kids over to her for a little bit.

She said, Oh my Honey, you bring them right now. You never ask me to watch them you must be in a bad way.

So I loaded them up and off we went.

My intention was to leave them with mom for a little bit.

I thought I just needed a little break.

When we got there  Mom fixed me a glass of iced tea and propped my feet up and told me she had something she wanted me to see before I left.

It just so happened dad had recently had out his old projector and the old movies.

Mom turned it on and it was an old home movie.

Dad of course was filming so we couldn't see him.

Brian, my oldest brother and I were very small.

We were looking at the tree.

We sta…


Mark's family isn't like my family.

You are shocked aren't you?

No, I know you aren't because your family isn't like your spouses family either.

We tend to think they are going to be, and we tend to think they are supposed to be and that often causes trouble on the holidays.

When I was first married, well really even before we got married I was shocked at how Mark's family did Christmas.

I felt like I should stand up and say, "Excuse me, I hate to say anything but you are going about this all wrong."

That embarrasses me so bad to say that.
Can you even imagine?

Of all the nerve.

My mom and dad always bought gifts like crazy when I was young.

At Marks folks they drew names and Lowell and June even drew in with them.

I was shocked.

I thought everyone was to get for everyone and the parents were especially supposed to get for everyone.

I mean for their children anyway, even if they are grown.

At my folks Christmas dinner was huge, food everywhere.

There …

Great Aunt Dorothy

I'm sure you like me have aunts or uncles that stand out in your mind when you think of your childhood. I was blessed with many wonderful aunts and uncles and even more blessed to have so many great aunts and uncles. My Great Aunt Dorothy Marshall Hein, my paternal grandfathers sister turned one hundred in July. She didn't just turn one hundred she is living a full life at one hundred. She still gets out and goes, she still cooks meals for her family,still goes to church and loves her family, church family and community. I remember as a girl when my mom was sick Aunt Dorothy would bring food. I remember her strawberry pies the best. My moms says, "Aunt Dorothy was always there for a birth and for a death, always there to help no matter the need. There is a family story told about the time when Aunt Dorothy was a young girl and her family sold strawberries she wrote her name and address on a berry box and that box found it's way to Chicago, a young man rode his motorcy…


Wait, you've got me all wrong.

I'm not like you think I am.

Well those of you who know me know I'm not what they think I am but those of you who only know me via this blog think I'm more than I am.

Years ago I was listening to an older lady speak she said, "Homemaking is not housekeeping but housekeeping effects homemaking."

I was all about the first part of her saying, I was on my feet ready to clap but then she finished it and I was glad I had never made it to my feet.

Oh I was going to be all about housekeeping and such.

I was going to be suzie homemaker and I did real good the first three months.

My grandma once said you could eat off my you wonder about walking on them.

I always had to work outside.

Mark worked public work and I took care of things here.

Many of times I would come in and get dinner, get up leave everything on the table and go right back out with the kids.

Those days are over now.

But I'm still not a Martha Stewart.