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The Opposite Sides of the Fence Line Still Belong to the Same Fence

Sometimes I feel like I am in the middle of everything.

Not that I ride the fence but that I can see truth in both sides of a lot of things, make my choice and leave you to make yours.

At the same time I am an avid believer of absolute truth but only where absolute truth is absolute.

Take homeschooling for an example.

While we home schooled all four of ours I  don't think homeschooling is the only way to go.

It seems many home schoolers are hard against public schools and many public schoolers are hard against homeschoolers, I think if we would all stop, be honest and look at it we would all agree we've seen home school send out some outstanding kids and some big messes both. The same is true for the public schools they have both outstanding students and messes.

The other thing is farming. Big farming verses small farming. One seems to be against the other when in reality we need both. There is a place for both. One doesn't have to hurt the other. There are wonderful thing…

Five Things I Don't Like About The Farm

Remember my post about the things I love about the farm?

Well, recently I've been reminded about the things I don't love about the farm.

1. Flies. Now I have a high fly tolerance, I'm used to them but I never cease to be amazed when I go to someones house for a cookout and we can actually eat outside. That could never happen here. We can sit outside fine, but eating is a whole different story.  Flies are the uninvited guest to every attempted picnic.

2 Rough Yards.  Our yard used to be a cow pasture. Now we're not the type to lay sod or hire landscape people or anything like that. So our yard is rough. Well, I thought it was rough until I mowed at Lost River yesterday, now that's rough. I think it was a cornfield before it was a yard, which is even worse than a pasture. It left me thinking what it would be like to have a sod yard or better yet a lawn service.

3. A garden that is acres instead of plots or raised.  We don't garden like we used to but our garden u…


Well, it's our last prom night.

Olivia's Wrist Flowers.
Tim. Doesn't he look handsome?  Last year he came over early on Prom Day. He said he wouldn't make that mistake again. Last year Jessica, Olivia and their friend Liz were all here getting ready. The stress was high and the hairspray was thick.
Last year I said I was going to call Mark to the house in time to clean up for the prom picture. As you can tell I forgot.  Last year Liv's dress was green and Mark happened to be wearing a green Tshirt. This year he matched her again. Of course he had no idea, but Liv remembered. You know you've got to have the outside prom picture. Pictures like this will be taken countless times across the counrty this year. It's fun getting things for the girls and helping the guys. When I was ironing Tim's shirt he said, 'Thanks for doing all those things for me."  So sons, daughters, or boyfriends and girlfriends it doens't matter I love them all.  Happy P…

The Market Place - They've Got A Give Away Going On

My friends Barb and Bobby along with their girls, Andi, Ashley, Shannon and Courtney are hosting The Market Place Saturday, April 27 at the Campbellsburg Community Building in Campbellsburg. They will open at 10:00 in the morning and close at 5:00 in the evening.

These ladies spend countless hours in shops, flea markets, yard sales, and auctions to be able to bring  us the best possible selection of decor for our homes, porches, business or office.

Their imaginations are wonderful. They see everything for what it could be. (This must be how they see me too because they keep being my friend) They clean, paint, distress, improve or whatever needs be done so the piece ends up perfect

Here's a picture of the last sale, Everything you see was for sale. There  were a lot of happy ladies in Campbellsburg, Indiana that day. Take a peek at the things they will have on the 27th. Believe me this is only a tiny sample. Just coming to see their creative displays is fun. You'll get some …

A Peek at Our Easter

What a wonderful day we had.

Here's a little of how it went.

This is the start of the hunt. Mark took them all down to the river where the hunt began.

The first clue led them to the tree stand and the second to the outhouse and then it was back up to the yard for the rest of the hunt.

The girls are great at figuring out the clues but then when the guys see where they are headed they quickly out run or out climb or just in general overtake them.

Lucas makes sure one of the guys follows the girls at all times just incase they may be close to finding it the guy can alert the other guys and they'll all come running.

Paul found the egg in the garden. Mark and Brian hid them with the gator and forgot about leaving tracks. Paul followed them right to it.

 Later they all went out to shoot skeet. Even Jess and Liv took a turn. From what I hear they did really well too. Well, there was that one little mishap with Olivia but other than that they had fun.