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The Farmer and How He Knows What He Knows

With the kind of winter most of us have had and from following as many farm pages and blogs as I do and after being raised the daughter/granddaughter and now a wife of a farmer I'm more convinced than ever there isn't much a farmer doesn't know.

Now I'm not saying he is an expert at everything and I'm not saying he never has to call in the professionals, I mean Mark has Dale Weller and Leonard's Electric's phone numbers seared into his brain.

Still though most things a farmer can take care of on his own or at least he will give it a good run for the money before he calls for help.

When does he learn it?

How does it happen?

He can probably tell you a few things he remembers learning but most of it just sort of happened.

Most of it he learned by doing life and by trial and error or because he had to right quick.

Maybe it was when his dad needed him to get up on that tractor and drive or when he had to crawl over a gate and get in that pen and help take care of…

The Comfort of a Bible

Marybeth lost her mother recently and posted on my facebook page how she had been having  sad dreams about her mother and when she told her husband about it he said she should place her Bible under her pillow. She said she did and it helped.

Once I was at Bible study with my friend Bobby and she told of a time earlier in her life when she was going through a hard experience.

She said she would just lie in bed at night holding her Bible to her chest.

She just needed to feel it close to her.

I knew just what she was talking about.

I love my Bible and often have found myself just needing to hold it close.

I've always been impressed with all the pretty Bible covers or jackets I see so many have.

They look so nice and organized and so I've bought a couple different ones and attempted to use them.

Needless to say I never could.

I don't know what it is about me but I just have to have my hands on the Bible,  I want to know the feel of it.

I remember one of the Elders in our chur…