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They Manipulate as Newborns and Don't Understand as Toddlers....Really?

We've shared this simple little tip before but as we get new friends here it's always good to share again.
When you are dealing with your little ones about something go to them and get down on their eye level.
Look them in the eye and talk to them.
They are smarter than you think, they can understand more than you think when you are calm and speak simple.
If they are misbehaving and you need to do something, don't yell it from another room, if it really needs to be dealt with then it is important enough for you to stop what you are doing and go to the scene.
In the beginning years if you put the time in to training that it takes your toddler years will be much smoother.
An older woman once told me if my child was a normal healthy child I should have them under control by 18 months to 2 years old.
Now days people think that is crazy but it isn't.
Satan as always sold us a bill of goods.
Our society tells us that our newborns or tiny babies are manipulating us and we will spoil …