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Mushroom Time... The Time When You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

Well, it's mushroom time in our area.

I feel like I should capitalize the word mushroom in order to give it the respect it deserves.

Mushrooms here are a huge deal.

It's the time when you find out who your real friends are.

If you know where the mushrooms are,
 you never tell anyone.

People sneak into other peoples woods under the cover of darkness to get them.

When you find some you often sneak them home as if they were some type of illegal drug and don't tell a soul you have them until after you have already fried them up and had supper.

To tell to soon would put you in a position of having to share and that can never be.

The local jeweler even has a sign up that they will trade jewelry for mushrooms.  Now that is serious.

I was raised to soak mushrooms over night in salt water to rid them of any little critters that might be hiding in them.

Mark believes a man should eat them as soon as he gets back from the woods and any extra protein in them is just that, extra.


Sometimes We Just Need To Be Still

Sometimes we just need to be still.

Why do we sometimes think we have to say what we think and tell what we feel?

Why do we think we need to tell what others have done or what others have not done?

Why do we think we need to tell  everyone?

I think the reason is we think to highly of ourselves.

If I really love you like I'm supposed to I will seek to protect you as much as I seek to protect myself.

I wouldn't get with my friends or on facebook and tell all about how I had done others wrong or how I had offended them.

So why do we do it to others?

Do we really think others don't hear us or look at what we said and think something negative about us?

I heard a story about  a person once who was offended by someone.

She made it a point to tell everyone she could about how this person had offended her and her family.

Once when she was telling about it a lady asked her why she thought she needed to tell  her that, she  asked her why she felt she had to tell others.

The lady just…