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What Are Your Gifts! Oh..And Don't Say You Don't Have One

We talked about out gifts at Bible study last night and I'm still thinking about it today so of course you know that means I'm going to talk to you about it because when I think it I end up writing it.

I asked everyone what they thought their gift was or what they were good at.

I asked because the book told me to ask but I already knew they wouldn't answer because I wouldn't have answered.

I have been in groups where that same question was asked and we all sat there and didn't say anything or we said we didn't have any.

You and I both know why we do that..... we do it because to flat out say what your gift is feels prideful or arrogant. and who wants to be prideful or arrogant?

The fact is Satan has lied to us.
This is where in your minds eye you see Gomer Pyle saying, "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!"
Only it's no surprise.

The Bible tells us Satan is a liar and since we know that why do we always believe him over God?

God tells us he has a job for…