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A Prepared Place

I know we've talked of this before but I heard something just a bit ago that brought it all back again.

I was sweeping the floor and " MASH" was on. I really hadn't even been aware it was on and then suddenly I heard something that caught my attention.

Remember how on the show Radar would come on the loud speaker and say, "Incoming wounded"?

As soon as I heard that I immediately got a picture of homes all across our country.

I thought about all the hurts and knocks and put downs that people face in the world everyday.

I thought about how we all need a safe place to go. A place to rest and renew.

We need someone to bind our wounds. Someone prepared and rested, someone with the right touch and tools to tend to our weary body and spirit.

I thought about how if all the doctors on "MASH" had been  out on the battlefield there would have been no place for the wounded.

Someone had to be standing by making things ready to receive them.

Home is a place to …


I don't know how I could consider myself much of a poultry producer's wife if I didn't offer a chicken recipe from time to time.

Thanksgiving is  a good time to share our chicken and dumpling recipe, of course I guess at Thanksgiving we should say Turkey and Dumplings.

So without futher delay, here it is.

2 cups water
1 stick butter (real butter)
4 cups self rising flour

Bring the two cups of water and the one stick of butter to a boil

When it boils remove from heat and pour over the top of the four cups of flour you've placed in a large heat proof bowl.

This will really foam. It will fluff up like a cloud sort of like it's giving you a sneak peak at how light and fluffy they're going to be when they're done.

Mix well with a large spoon.  It's going to be really hot and you need to be careful. I always have to get my hands in it to finish up as soon as it's cool enough.

Roll out dough and cut into strips and then cut the strips into the si…

Have Some Grit

I know those of you who have ever been in my Sunday School class have already heard me say this but it's been on my mind again so I'm sharing it on the blog.

Have you ever watched "Old Yeller?"

If you have do you remember the part when Billy went to pick up the dogs and some of the kids in the town start giving him trouble.

One of the adults standing around watching said about Billy,"Theres not another kid with that much grit in this whole town."

You know what that man was really saying?

He was really saying there aren't any parents in this town with enough grit to give their kids grit.

Billy had worked for those dogs.

He had made the trip to get them.

He understood what work was and he understood that money in your hand represented sweat. He knew you traded one for the other.

Billy's parents had taught him the value of money when they taught him the value of work. They taught him to work for what he wanted.

I have a personal story a little tiny bit…

We All Need a Story

I know I've said it before but I have loved each stage of my life.

Yet I have no desire to go back to any stage other than the one I'm in at the time.

I've just always been that way.

Today I was talking to a young mother who has a little one in diapers and she doesn't have a dryer.

When I was a young mother I used cloth diapers and didn't have a dryer.

I hung diapers up everywhere in the house in the winter and every other kind of clothing article too.

I never even minded much.

It was just the way it was and I did what I had to do.

We drove old cars and older trucks.

We paid our bills and that was about it.

Sometimes we could hardly do that.

Yet, I was always content.

Knowing that, why is it when I hear about a young couple doing that same thing today it grips my heart and I want to rush in and make things easy  for them?

Why do I find myself worrying about young couples, feeling bad for them when I know they are having it rough starting out?

I guess the same reas…