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We're A Family Farm, Not A Company Farm

I've been asked if we are a company farm several times so I thought I would just take this opportunity to say, No, we are not a company farm.

We grow chickens, broilers, for Tyson.

We are with the Corydon, Indiana complex, one of the top complexes in the country.

Now it is true that several years ago Tyson had company farms, there were some near us.

A company farm meant Tyson owned the land, the barns, and the chickens and they would hire someone to take care of the farm, often times it would be a family.

Well it didn't take Tyson long to know what most of us already know, a company owned farm just doesn't produce as well.

When they compared the company farms to the family farms the family farms by and large out preformed the company farms in both the quality of birds and the upkeep of the farm.

So they did away with all of the company farms and now all of their producers are family farms.
Well, in our area that's the way it is anyway.

What does it mean to be a family …

I've Been Trying To Decide What Kind Of Farm Wife I Am

I've' been trying to decide what type of farm wife I am.

I used to never even think about it.

I was just what I was.

Since I've joined the facebook and blogging community I've found out it isn't that simple.

Some farm wives are very active in sharing news about farm bills and defending us against all the wrong information that is being delivered via the social media, television and so on.

That's wonderful and I applaud them and enjoy reading their work and learning from them.

Some are very involved in farm bills and laws.

I am so impressed with them and their knowledge.

We are so in need of women like them.

Truth be told in the day and time we live in we couldn't hold on without them.

So that got me to thinking about myself and the kind of farm wife I am.

I will have to admit I felt  a little depressed when I starting looking at myself.

I thought I never went to college, I don't have  a "real" career, I've never traveled for the farm or me…