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We've Got To Take Our Rightful Place

We've got to wake up and stop running scared.

We've got to remember we're the parents and it's okay to tell our kids no.

It's okay to not make them happy all the time.

We've got to live like we ought to and expect the same from them.

We are in desparate need of fathers in our country.

Men need to stop being passive and when they do stand up and lead we women have got to stop telling them they are doing it wrong and taking their srtength from them.

I know I've shared the story of the elephants with you befor but in light of current events I'm going to share it again.

In a game park young, you could call them teen age bull elephants started hurting the other elephants and each other and tearing up the park.

They rangers couldn't understand why these young bulls were so out of control, they had never seen anything like it before.

They tried to do things to stop them but nothing worked.

One day they realized there were no old bulls in the park.

They had…