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It's My Mother-in-Law's Birthday and What a Blessing She Is

Today is my mother-in-law, Junes birthday.

She doesn't act or look her age.

She keeps her house spotless, cooks three meals each day from scratch, works in the greenhouses and garden, keeps flowers, hangs up clothes on the line and takes them in again.

Makes yeast biscuits and  various cakes and keeps them in the freezer so she is ready  when needed.

She in Lowell will be married 65 years come next week.

I think I have that right I might be off a year I need to check on that.

Things haven't been easy, money was tight and June had to work away from home a lot of years.

June has never not even once been an interfering mother-in-law.

Sometimes when I was young if anything I thought she didn't show enough concern.

I was wrong.

She was just different from my mom.

I see now I needed both of these women.

I needed my mom to show me nurturing in mothering in one way and I needed to learn a different kind from June.

I learned how to get up and keep working when I wanted to stop from…