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Don't Believe Everything You See or Hear About Farming.

Do you remember on a lot of the old movies or tv shows they would show life out west or on a farm and one of the points would be learning to deal with life?
A pet, or livestock might get hurt, become diseased,need to be sold or butchered and the difficulty of that was portrayed in the movie and the point was made that the child or the adult had to rise above it and do what had to be done when it needed done and it was always considered a noble thing.
We would watch stuff like that and hope our kids will have that kind of grit when they had to.
Things on the farm haven't  changed.
Farming gets you as close to the truth about life as almost any job can.
If you raise hogs, sometimes there will be birth defects that means the piglet will have to be put down,
The same is true for chickens, cows etc.
Disease control and medication will sometimes be needed.
A man can't always reason with a 1500 or 1800 pound cow, sometimes he has to help her see what needs to happen.
Abuse, no never t…