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Let's Go For A Ride


Fair Food

Since it's fair week I thought we would talk  fair food.

Who doesn't love fair food?

Mark is crazy about the Ribeye sandwiches the Cattleman's Association grill. He talks about them all year long.

He even tries to recreate it at home, but somehow they aren't the same. Personally I think when you sit down at the kitchen table to eat it instead of on a bleacher in a hot show barn watching a livestock show something is bound to be lost.

Even if it's just sweat and flies, something is lost.

The girls went to the fair last night to watch the queen contest. One of the girls who was running asked Jess to fix her hair. She won!!!! Congratulations to the new Miss Washington County Chelsi Casey.

The girls got Elephant Ears and came home telling me how they should have never done it but they just had to have one they looked so good.

We've done the Bloomin Onion thing too.

One of the county churches has a booth and they cook and sell homemade meals every night of the fair…

It's County Fair Week

Our county fair started today.

It's earlier than it's ever been and while I no longer have kids in 4-H I would think this early date will effect some of the garden and crop entries.

If you have ever had kids in 4-H you know it is the best and worst of weeks.

Every year when February came every project sounded great. You just knew they could handle all of them and they would learn so much.

The months passed by and suddenly as if you didn't know it was coming it was here, the day to enter the projects.

The kids took flowers, gardening, photography, hogs, electric, rockets baking and cake decorating.

The garden and flowers were never a problem, they were life it was the cake decorating and the rockets that got us every year.

Now had I been a together mother who was about the business of training together children the rocket would have been completed long before the day it had to be entered.

But as you guessed, I was not that mother.

The cakes had to be decorated pretty much t…

The kids said, "What did you do run around and take pictures after the rain?" I said, "Yes"


Easy Like Sunday Morning...Not

Our oldest Heidi told me she heard this song and thought of me and that the person who wrote it must have never got four kids ready for church before.

I laughed when she told me that.

Truer words were never spoken.

I so remember those mornings. I always knew if I woke up and it was daylight outside  I had overslept.

Now, I know a together mom would have  their childrens clothes ready the night before and therefore may have had an easy Sunday morning, but by now you all know me and know  I never claimed to be together.

I always ironed and starched their clothes on Sunday morning.

I  ironed on the back porch and they would stand in a line each holding their clothes waiting for me to get to them.

I started with Heidi and ended with little bity Liv standing back there.

They hated the starch but no one complained more than Jessica.

Mark was always out taking care of the animals on Sunday mornings so he came in just in time to have ten minute to shower, dress and go. He still always made it…

Snapshots From an Everyday Day

So many times through the day I think of all of you.

I'll just be doing something or I'll see something or hear something and I'll think, "oh I wish you could see it too."

Nothing big really, just the everydayness, ( I know, not a word) of life.

I love life.

I love all the little things I experience.

The blooms of spring.
The colors of the day.

I love the swings. Just walking by them makes me smile.