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Springtime on the Farm

What do I love about Spring? The real question is what do I love about springtime on the farm or maybe the even bigger question is what is there not to love about springtime on the farm? Just today as I was standing at the sink washing the breakfast dishes I noticed the lilies coming up around the clothesline posts in the backyard. The Robins are bobbin all over the front yard and I can hear the birds singing. The field across from the house has a wet spot in it and the geese make it a stopping point every year on their return north.   If you step out on the porch just as the daylight is coming you will hear them really carrying on over there. That always gets our farm dogs, Noah and Runt worked up and barking and brings a quick end to any hopes I may have had of sleeping in. The fields are dotted with new calves, sometimes they are lying in the sun beside their mommas others times they are running and bucking through the field. While I'm getting dinner I can watch our Amish neighbo…

Study to Show Yourself Approved.

I remember someone asking Mark what he thought about the future of the church and how he would help get it there.

He said, "The future of the church is in the past."

There is so much truth in that.

Not truth that in that we only sing traditional hymns, throw out the power points and sound systems but truth in that we have got to get back to the Book.

We don't have to stop reading Christian books but we have got to stop reading them at the expense of reading our Bibles.

We need to be careful that our Bible study groups are not so busy studying Bible study books that the Bible can be left at home.
It's easy to go to studies now and never even have to open your Bible.

We have got to be careful that our Adult Sunday School classes don't turn in to a devotional time with just a snippet of scripture that we jump around with every week.

None of this is meant to be legalistic but instead it should be lovalistic.

We should so love the Word of God that we do those things o…