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I've driven a lot of old cars and trucks and vans in my day.

I've been stranded along the road when they broke down and I've been stranded in parking lots when they failed to start.

We had one old truck that had a big hole in the floor board, practically no brakes, windshield wipers that once turned on would not go off and the windows would only roll part way down.

This was the truck the kids and I delivered tomatoes in.

When we got to the end of the road the kids would start saying, "Pump mom" because I had to pump the brakes.

This was the truck we took 4-H projects to the fair in.

Four kids and myself in a truck with windows that wouldn't roll down and we are  in the middle of July, oh and the window wiper switch got hit so they were going back and forth and it was sunny and ninety- five degrees out.

Heidi had her cake she was entering on her lap all the kids and me were in the front seat of the truck, remember we are hot and crowded and in a hurry.

We had…