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The Good and the Bad of Mothers Day.

It's almost Mothers Day and that brings out a lot of feelings.

For some they are good feelings, for some not so good.

There is a lot of pressure on people at Mothers Day.

You love your mother, you appreciate her but now there is pressure to show her and the world how much.

Not only your mother but maybe your spouses mother too.

Then there are your own kids, they are going to be trying to do something for you while you are trying to do for others.

I'm not against Mothers Day but at the same time I don't put a lot of stock in it.

I don't put all of my worth as a mother in the basket of How I Was Treated on Mother's Day.

I hope my mother doesn't either.

Some people hate Mothers Day because it reminds them of the mother they never had or the mother that has gone on.

It reminds them of the child they have lost or the one who doesn't speak to them anymore.

For people who are going through a season of strain with their mother it makes them uncomfortable.

They love…