Springtime on the Farm

What do I love about Spring?
The real question is what do I love about springtime on the farm or maybe the even bigger question is what is there not to love about springtime on the farm?
Just today as I was standing at the sink washing the breakfast dishes I noticed the lilies coming up around the clothesline posts in the backyard.
The Robins are bobbin all over the front yard and I can hear the birds singing.
The field across from the house has a wet spot in it and the geese make it a stopping point every year on their return north.   If you step out on the porch just as the daylight is coming you will hear them really carrying on over there. That always gets our farm dogs, Noah and Runt worked up and barking and brings a quick end to any hopes I may have had of sleeping in.
The fields are dotted with new calves, sometimes they are lying in the sun beside their mommas others times they are running and bucking through the field.
While I'm getting dinner I can watch our Amish neighbor plowing his field next to our place with his team of horses' he stops when he gets to the end of the row to rest the team and then starts out again.
The Maple trees all around have the clear plastic bags hanging  around them as they have been tapped for sap. The bags grow fuller every day and soon the smoke from the Amish flues in the barns will rise as they start cooking down the sap to get the syrup.
I can be assured I'll find some new kittens in the barn or the greenhouse.
There's always the smell of wild onions too and the faint color coming to the woods as the trees just begin to bud out and then next thing you know the redbuds are everywhere.
The list of things I love about springtime on the farm is endless, there is just no natural stopping place so I guess I'll just stop.
I think I'll just step out on the porch and savor the season.
Why don't you join me?
When you've finished reading this, put the paper down and walk over to the window or out on to the porch.
Look and listen to what all is going on around you, breath in the fresh spring air.
You and I both know it's been a long time coming so savor it my friend, just savor it.


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