I've Been Trying To Decide What Kind Of Farm Wife I Am

I've' been trying to decide what type of farm wife I am.

I used to never even think about it.

I was just what I was.

Since I've joined the facebook and blogging community I've found out it isn't that simple.

Some farm wives are very active in sharing news about farm bills and defending us against all the wrong information that is being delivered via the social media, television and so on.

That's wonderful and I applaud them and enjoy reading their work and learning from them.

Some are very involved in farm bills and laws.

I am so impressed with them and their knowledge.

We are so in need of women like them.

Truth be told in the day and time we live in we couldn't hold on without them.

So that got me to thinking about myself and the kind of farm wife I am.

I will have to admit I felt  a little depressed when I starting looking at myself.

I thought I never went to college, I don't have  a "real" career, I've never traveled for the farm or met with a Senator.

So, like we are prone to do, I felt like a failure.

Then I got a message, actually I got several messages, all of them about the farm, all of them about husbands, and in laws, and children and the love of the land and supper time and caring for parents and family get togethers.

Messages about memories and clotheslines, kitchen tables
 and bushel baskets, and corncribs and falling asleep listing to the hum of the grain dryers.

We talked about the fear we have when our husbands have been out in the heat or the cold or the dark to long and about how we go out and look for them.

We talked about having to pull over in your own drive way for a semi load of chickens or livestock or sawdust or manure to go by.

We talk about the early morning sounds on the farm and the sounds of the evening.

We talk about God and about our Savior Jesus Christ, we share prayer requests and hurts and joys.

As I looked back over the posts of our page and the blogs we've written and the messages you have sent I think God started to give me glimpse of the kind of Farm Wife I am.

I think I'm representing the softer side of farming, the heart and soul.

Maybe I'm more about the farmhouse and the view out the kitchen window than I am about other parts of farming.

So I have decided to be okay with that.
I'll be okay with it but I'm still going to keep following these beautiful young, educated, capable farm wives of today.

I'm so proud of all of them.

You Go Girls!


  1. Love you, Kelly, and all that you represent!
    We need farm wives like YOU.


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