Don't Believe Everything You See or Hear About Farming.

Do you remember on a lot of the old movies or tv shows they would show life out west or on a farm and one of the points would be learning to deal with life?
A pet, or livestock might get hurt, become diseased,need to be sold or butchered and the difficulty of that was portrayed in the movie and the point was made that the child or the adult had to rise above it and do what had to be done when it needed done and it was always considered a noble thing.
We would watch stuff like that and hope our kids will have that kind of grit when they had to.
Things on the farm haven't  changed.
Farming gets you as close to the truth about life as almost any job can.
If you raise hogs, sometimes there will be birth defects that means the piglet will have to be put down,
The same is true for chickens, cows etc.
Disease control and medication will sometimes be needed.
A man can't always reason with a 1500 or 1800 pound cow, sometimes he has to help her see what needs to happen.
Abuse, no never that is always wrong and farmers are against abuse as much or more than anyone else.
They also know truth, they know about life.
They know that that chick with three legs is not going to make it, it not only won't make it it will be destroyed by the other chickens so the farmer makes the decision to cull the bird out.
A big cow gets down and doesn't want to get back up.
The farmer knows a down cow will soon become a dead cow so he does everything he can to get her back up.
He will push her, yell at her, slap her behind and maybe if all else fails use a loader or a chain to help her get on her feet.
Now if you darken a barn, play soft sad music and have someone talking in a forlorn voice about how the animal is mistreated it will look like the animal is being mistreated.
That simply isn't true.
I know what I'm about to say  is crazy sounding but sometimes things people say and believe  and spread over social media is so crazy and I guess crazy is what's understood, so I'll talk crazy for a minute.
How many times have you had  a sick child who cried not to go to the doctor or to have a splinter taken out or fought you about taking their medicine"
The child, the older person or even the sick middle aged person who should know better sometimes puts up a fuss and you have to make them do what needs to be done.
You hate it, you wish you didn't have to but,  you know some discomfort now is better than what happens if you do nothing.
Now lets take one of these scenes, one that has no doubt played itself out in your kitchen with your little one when you were trying to give them their medicine or trying to deal with an aging parent, lets, dim the lights, play sad music and have someone talk in a sad, quiet voice about child or elderly abuse.
It would cut us to the quick, it would make us want to jump in there and do something, but it would be a lie.
If we would turn the lights back on, turn the music off and change the tone of voice of the person talking,   things would look different, we would see truth.
Then we would see a young mother, struggling with a child who needed her help but didn't want it.
We would feel for that mom and think, boy I've been there and it's so hard, you love your child  so much and you want to help but the child doesn't understand, they won't cooperate.
Suddenly the mother isn't a beast, she is a loving mom doing what needs to be done even if her child doesn't like it at the time.
Like I said, a crazy, simple comparison but it is one we can relate to.
Am I saying animal abuse doesn't exist, of course not, remember I'm about truth and the truth is it does exist but is is not rampant on the farms of America like social media would have you to believe.
Farmers do everything they can to help their animals, even if it's hard and regardless of what video's make it look like when a farmer is doing his job,  that is still an honorable thing.
I say all of that to say this, when those video's against farming come up, take it with a grain of salt.
Don't believe everything you see on facebook or a commercial.
Farmers are good people who love and care for their animals.
Farmers are out in the snow and wind and the scorching sun getting dirty caring for their animals in a real world that isn't always pretty and it's a sad thing when someone takes the truth about them and what they do and twists it all up.
Lot's of good people believe this stuff when they see it.
They believe it because they are good people, tenderhearted people who care about animals.
I'm so glad they are, just remember the farmer is a good tenderhearted person too or he wouldn't be doing what he is doing.
The problem is our society has got so far from the soil we don't know about life anymore.
Get out and get your hands in the dirt, grow something, care for an animal, learn to make some hard choices and let's be people of character like our American Farmer.


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