What Are Your Gifts! Oh..And Don't Say You Don't Have One

We talked about out gifts at Bible study last night and I'm still thinking about it today so of course you know that means I'm going to talk to you about it because when I think it I end up writing it.

I asked everyone what they thought their gift was or what they were good at.

I asked because the book told me to ask but I already knew they wouldn't answer because I wouldn't have answered.

I have been in groups where that same question was asked and we all sat there and didn't say anything or we said we didn't have any.

You and I both know why we do that..... we do it because to flat out say what your gift is feels prideful or arrogant. and who wants to be prideful or arrogant?

The fact is Satan has lied to us.
This is where in your minds eye you see Gomer Pyle saying, "Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!"
Only it's no surprise.

The Bible tells us Satan is a liar and since we know that why do we always believe him over God?

God tells us he has a job for us and he has given us what we need to get the job done.

He has given us gifts and talents to show his glory and grace.

Satan either makes us really believe we don't have any or he makes us feel like we can't say what they are and embrace them.

Either way he gets the job done because he stops us from doing what God had for us to do.

I can teach.

There I said it.

That is hard for me to say because I feel like I am saying something good about myself but that's where the lie comes in at....it doesn't have a thing to do with me.

I never learned to teach, I never went to school.

There is nothing in Kelly Gray smart enough or worthy enough to teach the Word of God but for whatever reason God decided to use me that way.

You see.... to say I can't teach would be to deny what God has done.

Humanly speaking it sounds right, it sounds humble.  Now like we said last night I don't want to take a front page ad out in the Leader telling how I can teach, that's not what I mean.

I mean that I should acknowledge and embrace whatever God is doing in my life and I need to give him the glory for it.

It's like we talked about last night.

Imagine me sitting on  the little bench at the kitchen table, now imagine all the other ladies sitting around the table.

It's time to start the study.

I'm in the teacher seat, but before we start I tell myself to get out of the way and move over, I remove myself from  myself and sit down beside me and that way God is the one teaching.

He has the floor and he will use whatever part of the way he made me that he wants to.   to get his point across.

Remember this verse in Romans ?

 You know Romans 12 where it talks about if you can encourage, then encourage, if you can give grace then give grace and on and on the list goes.

A gift is something you didn't do anything to get, it is just that a gift it's given.

We can't brag about our gifts but we can acknowledge it.

If someone gave you a new car and someone said something nice about it you would probably say, "well so and so gave it to me."

You wouldn't want to act like you had got it on your own,, you would want to praise the person who gave it to you.

You would want others to know how kind they were.

You wouldn't say, 'Well it really isn't mine"  or " It really isn't that nice"

No, you would acknowledge it as a gift and give praise to the one who gave it to you.

That's the way God wants us to deal with the gifts he gave us.

If you are an encourager, don't say you're not.  

Imagine what God thinks when he is standing there knowing he made you that way and you are standing there denying it all in the name of humility.

A lie. Satan wants you to be quiet about what God is doing in your life and the gifts he gave you.

So if you are an encourager, embrace it and give God the glory for making that an easy thing for you to do.

The world be a much better place if we would just go and let God work use us the way he designed us to be used.

It is how the work of God gets done.

How sad if we all go around denying our gifts.

It is not prideful to name your gift, you did't earn it, it would be like bragging because you are born with brown hair.

I mean what did you have to do with that?

Not much, now you are responsible for taking care of it and keeping it  nice but you didn't earn it.

That's exactly how it is with our spiritual gifts.

So with all of that said,  name your gift.

Give God the praise he deserves for giving it to you and then use it for his glory.

You don't have to tell everyone else but at least admit it to yourself and then get busy.


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