My grandmother's were  two completely different types of women.
Both of them wonderful and I loved them immensely.
One of them has passed away and one is still living.
One always had birthday cakes for us and the other one didn't.
One always had big Christmas dinners and one of them didn't.
One bought us gifts fairly often, one didn't.
It didn't matter to me.
As a child I don't think I even realized it.
All I knew was they both loved me.
I loved so many things about each of them.
I remember one Christmas I got an electric blanket and a Minnie mouse wrist watch.
I adored it. The blanket was yellow and the watch was white. I received many gifts from that grandma but that stands out in my mind.
I didn't get many gifts from my other grandma but I didn't care. She didn't drive and things were just different.
But I do remember the gifts I got from her. One day I was at her house and she asked me to go into the front bedroom with her.
She had me sit down on the bed and she told me she had something for me.
She pulled a little brown purse with a big buckle out from under the bed.
She sat down beside me and told me she had been walking on the square and saw it  in one of the store windows.
She said she thought, "I think Kelly would like that."
So she went in and got it for me.
I wish I still had it.
Then one time  she let me go in the log cabin part of the house, real log cabin part, it was very old.
There were all kinds of neat things in there and all the grandchildren liked to go in.
There was a pie safe in there and it had dishes and other things in it.
She told my brothers and I we could each pick something and keep it.
I picked a green candy dish.
There were beautiful antique dishes in there but I was to young to know that, I just picked what I liked.
It wasn't old, it wasn't of value but I wanted it and so that night I took it home with me.
One day I picked it up, dropped it and it broke.
I was so upset but mom was able to glue it back together.
If you look closely at the photo, you can see the crack and the glue is almost a reddish color, it's on the side of the dish.
After I broke it, Mom put it up in the hutch and it stayed there for years.
I have it at my house now and today I was in the kitchen and Ezra came carrying it to me.
I'm so glad he didn't break it.
I've put it up higher now, up where he can't reach it but it was sweet to see my grandson carrying the candy dish  my grandmother gave me.
Being a grandma is about way more than gifts, but a gift from a grandma stays in our hearts for years.
You might consider the idea of letting your grandchildren pick a dish.
You might be surprised at what they would choose.
They can take it home and put it up and one day they can have it in their own home and they will have a story to tell and we all need stories to tell.
Stories of belonging and being loved.
I'm glad I had loving grandmothers that left me with stories to tell.


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