We All Need a Story

I know I've said it before but I have loved each stage of my life.

Yet I have no desire to go back to any stage other than the one I'm in at the time.

I've just always been that way.

Today I was talking to a young mother who has a little one in diapers and she doesn't have a dryer.

When I was a young mother I used cloth diapers and didn't have a dryer.

I hung diapers up everywhere in the house in the winter and every other kind of clothing article too.

I never even minded much.

It was just the way it was and I did what I had to do.

We drove old cars and older trucks.

We paid our bills and that was about it.

Sometimes we could hardly do that.

Yet, I was always content.

Knowing that, why is it when I hear about a young couple doing that same thing today it grips my heart and I want to rush in and make things easy  for them?

Why do I find myself worrying about young couples, feeling bad for them when I know they are having it rough starting out?

I guess the same reason older couples have always had a heart for younger couples.

I know it's good for us to have to work together to make it when we're young. I know struggle and hard work bring a good reward.

I know we all need to pay our dues and I know we have to crawl before we can walk.

So I guess instead of wanting to run out and buy a clothes dryer for every young mother with little ones I should be glad for her to be in the stage of life she is in.

Every stage is a once and a life time kind of stage and we shouldn't miss any of them but instead enjoy them to the fullest.

Later on when we look back at them they will be ten times sweeter than they ever where when we were living them.

I guess what I'm saying is sometimes to take someones struggle away is to take their story away and we all need a story.

Something to look back on with pride. 

Something hard to tell about.

Something to leave us feeling tough and capable.

The young adult life stage is a treasure and the middle age stage is a treasure and I know the older stage is going to be an eye opener too.

I guess to sum it up, life is good and we need to enjoy the struggles and pleasures each one brings.

So savor your season, give a helping hand when you can but don't be to quick to take away a struggle or you may just take away a story of pride and making do and remember, we all need a story.


  1. Thank you for the kind comments on my blog! I agree we should savor each stage of our lives. Nice post!

  2. Great perspective... something I need to do a better job keeping in mind as we struggle to get off the ground. Even though I'm not young anymore and I've been through the struggle stage before... or maybe that makes it even easier to grumble? to feel put out by what's happening today because I've already paid my dues and deserve to have it easier now? I need to just take a breath and keep reminding myself that things are sweeter when you have to work for them.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Kathy. I love hearing from you. You have a terrific attitude. You're so right we have to accept where we are at the time then put one foot in front of the other doing what we have before us each day. Life is such a mind came isn't it? We've got to keep check on ourselves or we get to thinking things are bad when really they are okay. Life is life it's how we deal with it that makes the difference. Thanks again. Ilove your comment.


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