Mushroom Time... The Time When You Find Out Who Your Friends Are

Well, it's mushroom time in our area.

I feel like I should capitalize the word mushroom in order to give it the respect it deserves.

Mushrooms here are a huge deal.

It's the time when you find out who your real friends are.

If you know where the mushrooms are,
 you never tell anyone.

People sneak into other peoples woods under the cover of darkness to get them.

When you find some you often sneak them home as if they were some type of illegal drug and don't tell a soul you have them until after you have already fried them up and had supper.

To tell to soon would put you in a position of having to share and that can never be.

The local jeweler even has a sign up that they will trade jewelry for mushrooms.  Now that is serious.

I was raised to soak mushrooms over night in salt water to rid them of any little critters that might be hiding in them.

Mark believes a man should eat them as soon as he gets back from the woods and any extra protein in them is just that, extra.

Since I am the cook I usually win out.

We like ours fried with seasoned flour, fried crisp and then we make sandwiches.

I sometimes make mushroom gravy with the drippings just in an attempt to extend the flavor.

Mushrooms are one of those things everyone stands around the skillet to watch you fry.

They're one of those things that can almost make you forget you are the mother and that by nature you are to give up food for your children.  A good crisp platter of mushrooms can make you want  to growl across the counter at your very own offspring.

We love mushrooms and I know lots of people who do.

I think part of it is just knowing they are hard to come by and they are only here for a short time.

There aren't many things like that anymore.

Sort of like Miranda Lamberts song "Automatic"  we pretty much have whatever we want whenever we want it now days.

I remember my dad saying getting fruit at Christmas was a huge deal.

When I was a kid getting a soft drink daily would have been hard to imagine.

Mushrooms are one of the only things that we still have to wait for.

It doesn't matter how much money you have you can only get a true blue natural woods grown mushroom one time a year.

I guess it sort of keeps us humble, keeps us knowing we really can't do it all or have it all.

It's a reminder that some things you just have to wait for.

Who knew that a simple fungus growing in the woods could be a culinary delight and a life lesson all at once.

Here's wishing you an abundant Mushroom hunting season!!!


  1. Grandpa Marshall always cooked his right outta the woods, I think...and you are right on the money! They were from some neighbor's place up the road! LOL My mouth is watering...


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