Sometimes We Just Need To Be Still

Sometimes we just need to be still.

Why do we sometimes think we have to say what we think and tell what we feel?

Why do we think we need to tell what others have done or what others have not done?

Why do we think we need to tell  everyone?

I think the reason is we think to highly of ourselves.

If I really love you like I'm supposed to I will seek to protect you as much as I seek to protect myself.

I wouldn't get with my friends or on facebook and tell all about how I had done others wrong or how I had offended them.

So why do we do it to others?

Do we really think others don't hear us or look at what we said and think something negative about us?

I heard a story about  a person once who was offended by someone.

She made it a point to tell everyone she could about how this person had offended her and her family.

Once when she was telling about it a lady asked her why she thought she needed to tell  her that, she  asked her why she felt she had to tell others.

The lady just looked at her a little uncomfortable and said, well, I think people have a right to know.

To which the other lady replied I know about a lot of peoples sins or faults I even know some of yours and people know mine as well but I don't tell them.

She said she didn't think it was the place to talk about it so she asked her why it was an okay place to talk about the other persons sin but not an okay place to talk about hers.

The offended lady became so angry she started to shake all over and got up and left the table.

The story goes on but the point is this lady was blinded.

She was so busy telling how someone else had done or not done what she thought they should that she couldn't even see what all she had done.

She couldn't see that by telling others she was going directly against what God says to do in his word yet she thought she was being the righteous one.

I know it is a constant theme with me I know you probably get weary with me saying it but we have got to always be checking ourselves.

How many times have you had someone come and tell you something about another person, the person they told you about never says anything.

Often that's a clue to you to who the real problem is.

We don't have to defend ourselves, time is a friend to truth and it always comes out.

So it's a great thing to just be still sometimes.

It will all come out in the wash and we  look down in the rinse water we might find we ourselves were dirtier than we thought we were.


  1. Kelly, you are so right.

    My husband is a man of being still. It's bittersweet. Sometimes I wish he'd stick up for himselves and others, but he hates drama.

    Being still is something I've been working on the last year and a half. It's brought a lot of joy to my life. I

    I had an argument with somenone a while back and she and her husband made it public on Facebook sharing their views on the situation completely twisting it around. The situation with the woman you mentioned above reminded me of that.

    Since then, I sort of saw the light and the dangers of airing your dirty laundry to others can cause.

    We all struggle with this topic. I like the idea of always "checking" ourselves.

    1. You are so right Kelly, most all of us do struggle with this at some point or the other.
      I'm glad we can all learn to be still, of course sometimes we're slow learners but at least we learn. :)

  2. I love your words Kelly... and I have been slowly becoming more aware of just this fact. I am the type that feels I need to open my mouth way too often but slowly over time, I am learning that sometimes the truth can come out without me helping it along and it works so much better when I let it alone.
    <3 Karry Ann


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