A Savor the Season List

Is it just me or have you noticed there doesn't seem to be as much Christmas complaining going on?

Maybe we're finally starting to listen to all the advice we've heard for years.

Or maybe it's just that we've swung as far out one way as we could and there was nothing to do but swing back.

Whatever the case,  I'm glad.

Remember when to buy expensive cars, large homes and lots of stuff was thought to be the way to go?

Now it's swinging back the other way, less is more, simplicity reigns. no debt is cool.

I think that has all played a part of Christmas becoming less stressful.

Perhaps we really get it now.

Maybe we know that we don't have to spend a lot of money and people don't mind, in fact they are relieved someone finally stood up and said, wait a minute, lets pull back a bit.

I think we know we don't have to go to every family, school, work and yes dare I say it, even church program that's offered during the holidays.

We can decorate our homes and not have to feel bad because our decorations can't keep up with the neighbors.

A voice of reason is returning to the holidays and along with it a sense of the peace, stillness, security and humbleness we're all looking for.

I know you have a Christmas shopping list, a menu list and many other lists to look at over the next few weeks and that's a good thing.

Soo... lets add one more list.

Make a list of how you are going to enjoy the holiday season.

Not a to do or a to buy list but a plain and simple savor list.

It might be hard to do.

We're not use to thinking of planning ways to savor the season it's usually a list of what we have to do to get through the season.

Share with us one thing that would be on your Savor the Season list.

We might want to add it to ours.

I'll go first, mine is enjoying the lights and enjoying the gift of giving.


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