Strawberry Season

It's strawberry time again.

While I love strawberries I admit I hate strawberry patches.

I don't like picking berries.

I don't like weeding berries.

I don't like strawing berries.

I don't like spraying berries after a frost.

I don't like stemming berries or slicing berries or putting them in bags.

I sort of like making jam but other than eating them or giving them away that's about all I like about berry season.

Mark has an obsession with strawberry patches.

He always wants them and he always wants them bigger than they currently are.

He always wants me to want them bigger than they currently are and he always wants me to help make them bigger.

He wants me to make shortcake by making crust, I want to make shortcake by baking a cake.

I think you are beginning to see the problem aren't you?

We're not compatible when it comes to Strawberries.

This is a point of  contention in our marriage every spring.

Thankfully it only lasts but a short time.

Soon the berries will be picked and in the freezer or jammed in jars.

The new plants will be set, the weeds will be gone and the berries and the contention will both sleep until next spring.

Who knows, by then maybe I will have decided to like weeding and picking and strawing and hosing frost off berries.

But then again, maybe not.

Maybe there are things you just have to accept about berry patches and marriage.


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