It's Time to Grow Up and Become Parents The Future of Our Children Depends On It

It's time to call it like it is and stop living in a dream world.

It's time to grow up and understand once we decide to have children or even if we didn't decide once we have them we are parents and that means we act like it.

Did you see the article in the Advantage this week?

It's entitled,  "Many babies are missing out on bonding, crucial to success."

It made me crazy when I read that.

Are we really so simple minded or is it we're so selfish that we have to have a study and then have it printed in the paper to tell us that?

Can we really believe we can take a six week old infant, wake them up at five o'clock in the morning, take them out of their home and leave them with people we may not have even known six weeks ago, not come back to get them until nine or twelve hours later then maybe leave them to go to the store or movies or friends night out and think that won't effect them?

Can we really believe that?

Or is it we just want to believe it?

Let's slow down and look at how many hours a day we spend with our children.

I think we would be surprised how few of them there are.

Don't leave them at the sitters or Grandma's so you can go to the store, families went on the Oregon Trail with little ones, and we say we can't take ours to the store.

Do you ever think about what it really sounds like when a grown man or woman says, "I can't take my child to the store or I can't do this or that with my child?

Maybe we can't because we never do.

Did you ever babysit?

If you did you no doubt, if you are honest, know how you sometimes felt like if you can just get through until the parents come back. 

That's what happens when we don't have our children very much.

We develop the babysitter mindset.

It becomes so easy to start thinking, I just have to get through and they will be going back to daycare.

Satan has so tricked us we fall into this and don't even realize it's happening.

He is stealing a whole generation of children out from under our noses and we're letting him.

The study I referred to above says, "The bonds that children develop with their parents early on can be fundamental to their success in life, but the latest research finds many babies and toddlers are missing out and that means problems."

They went on to say forty percent of our infants and toddlers fall into this category and it will effect the way they mature.  In a nutshell they will be troubled.

Do you see that number that is almost fifty percent of our future generation is in danger of being troubled due to our lack of parenting.

Parents are fundamental in the raising of children and it can't be delegated no matter how bad we want to think it can.

Motherhood and raising children used to be held in high regard it was honored because we knew in her loving , firm guiding arms and under her watchful eye the next generation was being formed.
We knew her job was needed to insure the future.

Mom and Dads your children need you, you had your time, it's not about you anymore.

We've never lived in a time when mom and dad had more me time and yet that's all we ever hear.

When someone starts telling you, you need me time you start becoming unhappy and thinking you need me time.

We need to be telling each other, you had some me time before you had kids, you will have me time again in a few years but for now its time for parenting, it's time to sacrifice your wants so your children can become all they can.

It's time to grow up and parent them when they are little so we don't have to keep parenting them in the same kind of way when they are adults.

It's the weekend and a great time to start.

Keep the kids close this weekend.

Work with them, play with them, train them to become men and women.

Take them with you so they can learn how to be a grown up.
You may have to work but plan to keep them with as much as you can all the other times.

You won't ever be sorry.


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