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I'm either going to have to eat my words or start living by them.

Practice what I preach or be still.

You know me and if you have read many of my blog posts you know I'm all about hospitality.

I can tell you all about how it's not the house or the place but the feeling that makes people feel welcome.

I can tell you not to stress and focus on what's right and not on what's wrong.

Oh I can tell you alright but can I live it?

Well apparently not.

Oh I do to a large measure but this last weekend I didn't.

This last weekend I ate my words.

As you know we had Mark's family reunion over at Lost River.

I worried about the heat.

I thought everyone would be to hot and then they would be miserable.

We ended up with enough air conditioners to make the building comfortable.

Problem solved.

I was concerned about flies.

People don't like flies and we were having a reunion on a poultry farm and the cows were not far from the building we were holding the reunion in, so I worried about flies.

The shop door was not closing correctly and that left a gap, a gap in a shop door on a farm is like a neon light just calling the flies to join the party.

Mark used the loader to raise Lucas up so he could reach the top of the door and he made the needed repairs.

Gap gone, door shut. I didn't see a fly the day of the reunion. My worry was needless.

I was afraid it would smell bad that day.

The day before the reunion the smell was bad.

I couldn't believe it, it never smells bad over there.

People don't like farm smells.

How could I cover up the smell?

Once again my worry was a waste of time, the day of the reunion the wind shifted and there was no smell..

Then we have the age old woman thought of , "Will we have enough food:?

Now there's a silly question.

Have you ever really had a dinner when you didn't have enough? No, no we haven't  Yet we all wonder about it and get our aprons in a knot.

I'm not usually like this or not to this degree, we've had a lot of things but this time I forgot everything I knew.

This time I acted like a newbie to the hostess game.

I'm so glad God reminds me and takes care of me because sometimes I just plain don't practice what I preach.

The reunion was amazing.

Mark's family is amazing.

They worked and worked for months before and then they worked and worked for days and nights getting everything ready at the farm and then they worked for two days just getting it all down and packed up.

It was a beautiful weekend and a beautiful reminder to practice what I preach.


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