Did you know our homes speak?

They do.

Every time someone enters the door or really even walks up on the porch they are getting a message from us.

First there is the obvious.

What does it look like?

Now its oh so true that homemaking is not housekeeping and boy am I glad of that because a Neat Nancy I am not.

But, it's also true that housekeeping plays a part in homemaking.

Go outside and pretend to be somebody else.

Look around at things.

Are there things that need picked up?

Does the door need wiped off.

Would a wreath on the door warm things up?

I'm not talking about being a show off or trying to keep up with the Jones, I'm just talking about taking care of what you have so you nor your family needs to be embarrassed when someone comes over..I can blog about this  because I have been embarrassed before.

Even more important than the appearance is the atmosphere.

If someone spent some time with you in your home would they say you were happy?

Would they say you loved and cared for and encouraged your family?

We don't think about it but everytime someone comes to our door we tell them something.

They are finding out who we are.

Granted we can fake a little but not much.

When people think of home, when they think of our home what do we want them to think?

What do we want them to feel?

You know it's up to us.

No one else controls it but us.

We could literally change someones life because of what they experienced in our home.

So do your best to keep a little order in the house but even more than that, keep joy in your heart.

No one will care about the dust on the woodwork or the ceiling fan if they feel warmth and joy.

It might seem like a small thing but never before have we been in greater need of happy, stable homes.

The Bible says a wise woman builds her home but a foolish one tears it down.

It's not an old fashioned idea to make a happy home.

It's the most important thing you will ever do and has a more far reaching impact than you can even imagine.

You are blessed that it begins with you.

Embrace the opportunity.

Happy Homemaking to you!


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