The Opposite Sides of the Fence Line Still Belong to the Same Fence

Sometimes I feel like I am in the middle of everything.

Not that I ride the fence but that I can see truth in both sides of a lot of things, make my choice and leave you to make yours.

At the same time I am an avid believer of absolute truth but only where absolute truth is absolute.

Take homeschooling for an example.

While we home schooled all four of ours I  don't think homeschooling is the only way to go.

It seems many home schoolers are hard against public schools and many public schoolers are hard against homeschoolers, I think if we would all stop, be honest and look at it we would all agree we've seen home school send out some outstanding kids and some big messes both. The same is true for the public schools they have both outstanding students and messes.

The other thing is farming. Big farming verses small farming. One seems to be against the other when in reality we need both. There is a place for both. One doesn't have to hurt the other. There are wonderful things about both and not so wonderful things about each of them.

When it comes to farming it's like the old timers used to say, "If we all keep our fence rows clean, we'll all see across the field clearly."

Which makes me think of zoning. I don't like a lot of things about zoning. I don't like to think I can't do with my land what I want to.

I also know some people are not respectful of their own property or anyone else's.

So laws have been made to govern as we seem to have trouble governing ourselves at times.

How about big business. I'm all for it. If it weren't for them we would lose countless jobs. I'm all for the owners making big money. They are the ones that took the risk and stayed up late to see that the company made it.

I'm also for the employee. It's true greed has taken over in a lot of places, When you profit a hundred million and take the little things from your employees, not to mention the big things something is wrong.

It all boils down to the one absolute truth, The Word of God.

Each of these debates could be done away with if we would follow the golden rule and do unto others as we would have them do unto us.

If we would honor one another above ourselves and look out for the good of the other man.

I'm not saying there aren't plenty of things to make a stand over. I believe a lot of things and I believe them strongly.

I also believe I am to treat you with respect even if we're traveling different roads and maybe even working in opposite directions.

I'm glad we have so many choices, we can public school, home school, big farm, little farm, we live in the land of opportunity and are a blessed nation.

Here's wishing you the best, no matter where you find yourself in this post.

After all, the opposite sides of a fence line still belong to the same fence.

I'm glad you're here!


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