Well, it's our last prom night.

They're on the way.  Jess isn't going to the prom with them but she is going out to eat supper with the group.

Olivia's Wrist Flowers.

Tim. Doesn't he look handsome?  Last year he came over early on Prom Day. He said he wouldn't make that mistake again. Last year Jessica, Olivia and their friend Liz were all here getting ready. The stress was high and the hairspray was thick.

Last year I said I was going to call Mark to the house in time to clean up for the prom picture. As you can tell I forgot.  Last year Liv's dress was green and Mark happened to be wearing a green Tshirt. This year he matched her again. Of course he had no idea, but Liv remembered.
You know you've got to have the outside prom picture. Pictures like this will be taken countless times across the counrty this year.
It's fun getting things for the girls and helping the guys. When I was ironing Tim's shirt he said, 'Thanks for doing all those things for me."  So sons, daughters, or boyfriends and girlfriends it doens't matter I love them all. 
Happy Prom to all !


  1. Unfortunately I will not get to experience the joy of a child preparing for prom. Andrew boycotted it, Patrick will be finishing high school online. The closest I got was Andrew's 8th grade graduation dance. We got a good laugh when Autumn's dad dared Andrew to get close enough to pin a corsage on her (he was being a goofy dad). Dad got shot down when Andrew slipped it on her wrist, saying "Mom said this was the way to go".

    1. I always forget to sign these ~ Angela


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