A Peek at Our Easter

What a wonderful day we had.

Here's a little of how it went.

This is the start of the hunt. Mark took them all down to the river where the hunt began.

The first clue led them to the tree stand and the second to the outhouse and then it was back up to the yard for the rest of the hunt.

The girls are great at figuring out the clues but then when the guys see where they are headed they quickly out run or out climb or just in general overtake them.

Lucas makes sure one of the guys follows the girls at all times just incase they may be close to finding it the guy can alert the other guys and they'll all come running.

Paul found the egg in the garden. Mark and Brian hid them with the gator and forgot about leaving tracks. Paul followed them right to it.

The men shot skeet.
Later they all went out to shoot skeet. Even Jess and Liv took a turn. From what I hear they did really well too. Well, there was that one little mishap with Olivia but other than that they had fun.
My dad, Tim and Lucas

Tim and Lucas
Mark passing out the prize money. I'm good at letting him invest in all my good ideas.

Mark was in charge of pulling the skeet thrower or whatever that thing is.
Not sure what Paul is doing here. Maybe he is going to look
at a target or something.

I think Dad must be giving advice.

I should have included pictures of the frantic rush the girls were in to get my hair fixed and
make-up on. We got a call everyone was coming sooner that we expected.
My hair was in a towel I had no make-up on and the yeast rolls were in the oven.
I asked Mark to watch the rolls and that worried me. I kept trying to get up and yell instructions
into the kitchen for Mark then the girls would shove me back
in my chair and tell me to sit still. Hold my head this way, then that way.
Open my eyes and close my eyes and then it was, "Oh my gosh mom
you mean you didn't bring any earrings?
Yeah, I guess I should have included some picutres of that but then again some things
are better left just in the family.



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