The Market Place - They've Got A Give Away Going On

My friends Barb and Bobby along with their girls, Andi, Ashley, Shannon and Courtney are hosting The Market Place Saturday, April 27 at the Campbellsburg Community Building in Campbellsburg. They will open at 10:00 in the morning and close at 5:00 in the evening.

These ladies spend countless hours in shops, flea markets, yard sales, and auctions to be able to bring  us the best possible selection of decor for our homes, porches, business or office.

Their imaginations are wonderful. They see everything for what it could be. (This must be how they see me too because they keep being my friend) They clean, paint, distress, improve or whatever needs be done so the piece ends up perfect

You can see from this picture these girls even brave the snow to see that we have the best selection possible.
This table may look like this when we see it, or it may be completely different. What we can know for sure is however we find it, it will be beautiful!

What about these chairs? If they were yours, what color would you paint them?
Are you a red, yellow or blue person? Or maybe you would go for the classic white?
I don't think you can go wrong with any of them.

Here's a picture of the last sale, Everything you see was for sale. There  were
a lot of happy ladies in Campbellsburg, Indiana that day.
Take a peek at the things they will have on the 27th. Believe me this is only a tiny sample.
Just coming to see their creative displays is fun. You'll get some great ideas to take home with you.
The Market Place is offering a $30.00 gift card to be used at the Market on Saturday, April 27, 2013.
Due to this being a local event the contest is only open to the general local area.
In order to enter you need to post your answer to one of the questions asked about the above items or name something in the very last picture.
Post your answer or comment on this blog or on my facebook page,  Then I Thought of Home- Kelly Gray.
We will draw the winning name at 10:00 am on Monday, April 15.
So go ahead, post your comment and share this post with your friends!


  1. I heard about this just after their sale last year, and was disappointed I missed it, but I won't this year! I would paint the chairs a soft cocoa brown, but its the wheel in the bottom picture I want to hang in my dining room!

    1. Sounds like you have a plan Linda! I'm looking forward to going also. I'm going mainly for dishes. I'll see you there!

  2. Everything at The Market is so cute! I love the striped board in the picture. I don't know where I'd put it but I'm sure I could find a place for it!

  3. Whitney, I like that too! I hope you get it!!. I'll enter you in the drawing. Thank you for stopping by reading the blog and entering!

  4. I did not get to attend the last sale, but am definitely going to the next one! I love the old table and chairs, could definitely see that in my kitchen. I love the idea or repurposing things and just recently redid a drop leaf table and chairs. I too like to think that I have the imagination to see things as how they could be, which often gets me in trouble with my husband because he says I have way too many ideas! LOL Kelly, I don't know you personally but have heard many great things about you from a very dear friend that passed away about 3 years ago...Olive Loyd. She always told me what a sweet, kind person you are as I would go help her in the garden and just go to visit on various occasions. I live not too far from you over on Becks Mill Road. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh Rita, I'm so glad you posted tonight.Olive told me about you too!! I feel like you're a friend already. Maybe we'll meet at the market.

      You own Lincks don't you? I was in just today!
      Thanks again for posting and you are entered in the give away. Best of luck to you!

  5. I am a blue person, and I can't wait to attend this years sale! I would love to see those chairs a blue chevron print painted on them' ;)) You all do amazing work! Keep it up!
    Emily Gibson

    1. Hi Emily, Thanks for posting. I love the Chevron Blue idea. I've got your name in the drawing!!

  6. I missed the last sale wanted to go, but something came up. So I am looking foward to this one. Everything they have is so cute and they do a wonderful job, it makes me wish I had a larger house. I really like the blue trunk in the picture and the striped top table.
    Dawn Woods

    1. I like trunks to Dawn. I'm not near as good at knowing what to do with them as our friends at the Market Place are but I like them anyway. Thanks for posting!!You are entered to win the drawing!

  7. I went to their last sale. They had so many great things had a hard time choosing . They are so creative. I really like the old suitcase, I would put it in my victorian bedroom with old lace, hankies & some old wedding pics that ive collected. Kim Miller

    1. Sounds like a beautiful idea Kim. I love victorian and a victorian bedroom would be hard to beat. I'll add your name to the drawing. Thanks for stopping by to post and share your ideas!!


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