Five Things I Don't Like About The Farm

Remember my post about the things I love about the farm?

Well, recently I've been reminded about the things I don't love about the farm.

1. Flies. Now I have a high fly tolerance, I'm used to them but I never cease to be amazed when I go to someones house for a cookout and we can actually eat outside. That could never happen here. We can sit outside fine, but eating is a whole different story.  Flies are the uninvited guest to every attempted picnic.

2 Rough Yards.  Our yard used to be a cow pasture. Now we're not the type to lay sod or hire landscape people or anything like that. So our yard is rough. Well, I thought it was rough until I mowed at Lost River yesterday, now that's rough. I think it was a cornfield before it was a yard, which is even worse than a pasture. It left me thinking what it would be like to have a sod yard or better yet a lawn service.

3. A garden that is acres instead of plots or raised.  We don't garden like we used to but our garden used to be right at two  acres. I always look at those raised beds and think how fun they look. Little raised beds seem fun. Two acres of field...not so much.

4. Manure. I don't like manure on clothes or on the floor on in the truck, but what I like makes no difference because it continues to frequent those places.

5. Livestock on the loose, but that was another blog.

As I'm sitting here looking over my list of unlikes, I'm glad it isn't as long as my likes.

If  the end of the day, or in this case the beginning of the day, finds you having more of life to like than dislike, I think that a happy thing.

So I guess I'll take the flies, the rough yards and the used to be huge garden since it comes with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, new pigs, calves, chicks and kittens. Planting and harvest.  Excitement and stillness.


  1. I can totally relate & have considered writing such a post on my blog. :) Thanks for sharing! I loved it!

    Our house was built in a corn/soybean field..
    Flies - yep totally agree and the manure too!

    1. Thank you Julie. I love it when we connect with others like this. I appreciate your comment!! It means a lot when people take the time to leave a note. Thanks again!!


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