Let's Go For A Ride

Every time we come to this place in the road I think about you all and wish you could see it with me.

The patch of woods up ahead is really thick, lots of undergrowth. I always think about  some big animal  being in there and how Mark will have to be my hero and save me. He doesn't know this of course because he is to busy looking at the beans and corn.

This was the sunset last night. Sometimes a picture just can't show the real beauty, well not one of my pictures anyway.

This is an old barn along the road that the Amish stack their loose hay in. As you can tell they have really piled it in there. It's stuffed full and coming out the front..

We stopped on the bridge to get this picture. You can see where a lot of rock was washed up in a pile with all the heavy rains we've had.

Okay, so this wasn't last night. I threw it in for a surprise ending, you know sort of like the movies.
This was actually taken out the living room window last winter. Instead of nightly rides around to look at things in the winter I just walk around the house nightly and look out the window. Either way the scenery is great.


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