Easy Like Sunday Morning...Not

Our oldest Heidi told me she heard this song and thought of me and that the person who wrote it must have never got four kids ready for church before.

I laughed when she told me that.

Truer words were never spoken.

I so remember those mornings. I always knew if I woke up and it was daylight outside  I had overslept.

Now, I know a together mom would have  their childrens clothes ready the night before and therefore may have had an easy Sunday morning, but by now you all know me and know  I never claimed to be together.

I always ironed and starched their clothes on Sunday morning.

I  ironed on the back porch and they would stand in a line each holding their clothes waiting for me to get to them.

I started with Heidi and ended with little bity Liv standing back there.

They hated the starch but no one complained more than Jessica.

Mark was always out taking care of the animals on Sunday mornings so he came in just in time to have ten minute to shower, dress and go. He still always made it to the car before me.

I was the last one to get ready.

That was in the days when we still wore pantyhose.  We had no air conditioning and putting those things on was a nightmare.

The family would go to the car and all I had left to do was grab my heels and go.

That is if I could find them.

You see the kids always played dress up with my heels but they didn't always put them up.

So while Mark was in the car blowing the horn I was in the house crawling around all over the living room floor looking under the furniture for my shoes.

I would be so mad at myself.

I taught Sunday School all the years my children were small. I didn't know what it was not to teach with a baby on my lap.

I always made dinner before we left for church, lots of times I even made dinner for Mark's grandparents and packed it all up to take with us so we could go straight to their house after church.

How many times did we get ready to leave and find a hog in the road and I chased it in my dress and heels?

More times than I care to remember.

We've even gone down the road to find someone else's livestock out and had to stop and get it in.

I remember one time we were on our way to church and down the road a mile or two someone had ran through a fence and the cows where out.

The man who owned the place was in Florida so Mark turned the car around to go back home, He was going to get the truck and go and fix the fence while the kids and I went to church.

The kids were all small and I remember one of them asking from the backseat, "Won't some else get them in?"

Mark told them we were somebody elses, somebody else.

A teachable moment and a Sunday morning sermon all in one.

I''ve heard my mom say when she sees young mothers out with  children she wonders how she does it, then she remembers she used to do it.

I guess that's where I'm at now, I wonder how I ever did it?

At the time it seemed like nothing, now I would die if I had to do all that.

The girls can iron their own clothes and they no longer play in my heels, they have plenty of their own.

Mark and I go out for Sunday dinner more than we ever used to.

I'm beginning to think Easy Like Sunday Morning was written with empty nester's in mind.


  1. It's a great illustration of God's grace. I look back and see that I hardly had it together with one or two kids. I guess I grew in grace with each one. Now with nine kids, I think back and wonder "how I did it before." With each one, grace grew.

  2. Such a good comment Lawrita. It's so true. There is always enough grace to cover then need. I couldn't imagine taking care of a home with nine. Great Job Lawrita!


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