Fair Food

Since it's fair week I thought we would talk  fair food.

Who doesn't love fair food?

Mark is crazy about the Ribeye sandwiches the Cattleman's Association grill. He talks about them all year long.

He even tries to recreate it at home, but somehow they aren't the same. Personally I think when you sit down at the kitchen table to eat it instead of on a bleacher in a hot show barn watching a livestock show something is bound to be lost.

Even if it's just sweat and flies, something is lost.

The girls went to the fair last night to watch the queen contest. One of the girls who was running asked Jess to fix her hair. She won!!!! Congratulations to the new Miss Washington County Chelsi Casey.

The girls got Elephant Ears and came home telling me how they should have never done it but they just had to have one they looked so good.

We've done the Bloomin Onion thing too.

One of the county churches has a booth and they cook and sell homemade meals every night of the fair. It is a huge job and just as huge of a success. People love it. Way to go Westview Christian.

Then there is the ice cream truck. You can't go through a week of fair and not get an ice cream or two. It would be just plain wrong.

When Olivia showed hogs we would even pack a cooler and take our own food. Although we seldom ate it.

You know how it is, you have the best intentions, you're going to eat healthy, you know fair food is expensive so you know you should pack your own dinner.....so you do.

But then you get there and the smells are everywhere, then you see people walking by you with Elephant Ears and Bloomin Onions and those Ribeye Sandwiches and next thing you know you find yourself standing in a line giving your order.

Your cooler lunch sits  untouched.

Oh well, you can use it for a mid-night snack, and besides the fair comes only once a year and you've got to live while you yet live...Right?


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