The Example and Love of a Parent

Dad and mom have spent a lot of time over the last years helping us kids get our homes or farms in shape

They have cleaned and painted.

Papered and unpapered. ( might not be a word)

They have uprooted, planted watered and sprayed round-up.

They have shown up with furniture, curtains, tables, towels and sheets.

Whatever the auction buy was that week or what they thought we needed.

Sometimes it was bologna and cheese or Oreo's and milk.

They would say things like, "Kelly, you need to wash your front door, you know that's the first thing people see when the come."   Or mom might say, "You know a little bleach down that drain would take care of that smell now your dad doesn't like it when I do that, he says it messes up the septic but I do it anyway."


The other day they were over and dad was pulling weeds and cutting vines  at the little house while Jess was coloring moms hair. We looked out the window to see dad decorating the gator and himself.

Then he pulled up over at the big house to pick mom up and take her for a ride through the woods on the gator.

Mom fell for dad when she was just 14 and today at 72 she seems to to still be falling.

Still today even though their children range in ages from 51 to 47 they would drop everything in a heart beat and give their last dollar and breath to see that we and their grandchildren have what we need.
Now that my brothers and I have children of our own we understand the love of a parent and strive to carry on that same kind of devotion in our own families.
God Bless my dad and mom.


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