Bible Nugget on Rahab

Bible Nugget:
We're going to be in the book of Joshua chapter two.
We're going to learn from Rahab.
Rahab was a women of as they used to say, "ill repute."
She was a prostitute.
She lived in Jericho.
The Amorites or as the Bible also refers to them the Canaanites'
of which she was one lived there.
The Amorites were against everything God was for and for everything he was against.
They were a wick...ed people.
This is the kind of place Rahab was raised.
She wasn't raised in a godly atmosphere.
But when the Holy Spirit came looking for her, even in this sin filled place called Jericho, she heard him.
More importantly she listened.
So we learn it doesn't matter where we come from it matters where we are going.
God is working in places we might least expect.
He is always drawing people to himself.
Most won't listen or respond but some will and Rahab did.
Look at what verse ten says, "We have heard how the LORD dried up the water of the Red Sea." The verse goes on but let's stop there and look at the word, "heard."
Why did Rahab turn to God and help his people, she had faith, where did that faith come from?
Romans 10:17 tells us faith comes from hearing.
Rahab had heard about God and she believed.
She believed and took action. Her faith moved her.
If you read chapter two you will see that others had heard what God had done as well.
They were scared to death of what was coming but they didn't turn to God.
They remained in their sin, in their stubbornness and the Bible tells us they were destroyed.
So in a nutshell or a nugget we learn from Rahab that God is full of mercy, he is no respecter of persons meaning he isn't impressed with our standing in society. He loves us all the same. God is always working even when we think he isn't and he is working in the places we would least expect.
One of the most humbling things we learn is while we read about Rahab being a prostitute and gasp or say it in a whisper if the truth were told and every sin we had ever committed was written down in black and white for others to see, and I mean every single sin, we would realize we're not a one of us better than Rahab and we would thank God for his grace and mercy.



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