Bible Nugget: Rahab a Picture of Salvation

This Bible Nugget is just a reminder of how God carries the theme of salvation through each part of his word.
It's like a thread that runs all the way through his word from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation.
Think about the story of Rahab in Joshua chapter two.
Think about how Rahab grew up in a place where the people were far from God.
A place where they loved everything God was against and hated what God was for.
Did you notice what she said to the spies?
She said, " I know" she said "We have heard"  what does that mean?
It means she heard about God and when she heard it she knew it to be true.
She believed on Him.
Romans ten verse seventeen says faith comes from hearing so we see that Rahab heard the word and she believed or had faith in the word.
Then what did she do?
She admitted she believed it. She confessed that she had heard and she had faith in what she heard and what did that faith prompt her to do?
She turned or you could say repented.
She looked around at her situation, she knew destruction was coming if she didn't act.
She knew there was not a thing in the world she could do to save herself  all she could do was act on the faith that she had.
She decided to throw in with God and his people.
She decides to turn away from her home and her people and her way of life.
She started over with God.
So in the story of Rahab we see a pattern of salvation a pattern we still follow today only in our time we would follow through with Christ's example of baptism.
She heard, she believed, she confessed her belief and she turn to God and trusted Him to save her.
This pattern is repeated over and over in the Word of God.
Sometimes we will just read about the faith part, sometimes the repentance part, sometimes the baptism part we shouldn't think that means one part matters and the other doesn't.
They are all important, they are over arching principals it's not for us to take any of them out or to add any more.
God is the architect of salvation, we're not, all we need do is follow his plan.


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