How to Help Yourself and Your Children Find Christ in Christmas

If you are looking for something fun to do with your kids or grandkids this Christmas or if you are wanting to find a way  to keep the real meaning of Christmas, then go get your Bible.

God has given us a whole bunch of examples of things we can do and learn.

Open your Bible to the Christmas Story, you will find it in Matthew and Luke.

The Christmas story is full of angels.

Make angle cookies, make paper angels.

Find scriptures about angels.

Did you know that contrary to what people say, we don't become angels when we die?

God created the angels and he created men, we are two different creations.

There was a bright light that shone around the angels when Jesus was born.

Jesus is called the light of the world.

Shut all the lights off in the house and talk about how dark it is.

Have the kids try and do something that would be easy to do in the light but difficult in the dark.

Then turn on the light, they will see how much easier life is when we walk in the light.

When we can see we make less mistakes and things are so much better.

Even a difficult thing is easier when we see clearly.

That's how it is when Jesus is in our lives. It doesn't mean we won't ever have to go through a difficult time but it does mean we will be able to see our way through because of him.

Make it a night of candles or lamps, remember the Bible says God's word is a, "lamp" unto our path.

That means God's word will show us the way, when it's dark and we might otherwise stumble we can be sure footed when we walk with God.

From now on when they see candles in the window at Christmas or lights on the tree they will think of God.

What else is in that story?

Shepherds, shepherds and sheep.

You can make sheep and shepherds.

You can get a nativity scene and let them play with it.

Find the places in the Bible that talk about how Jesus is the Good Shepherd, John 10.

When you are making sheep with cotton balls or cookie dough talk about the way sheep are.

Talk about how sheep don't always know what to do and they need the shepherd to care for them

Relate that to us and how we need Jesus and his word to guide us.

You can make stars or buy star ornaments like the one that came and stopped over baby Jesus.

In the book of Revelation, in chapter 22, Jesus refers to himself as the bright and morning star.

Look at the gifts under the tree.

Talk about the greatest gift, the gift of salvation, the gift of God's Son.

Read about the wisemen bringing gifts.

The Bible never says there were only three wisemen, it just mentions three gifts so people started saying there were three wisemen.

Show the kids that, let them see how important it is that they read and study the Bible for themselves and not to just believe what others say. Read what it really says.

God told us to "study and show ourselves approved."  2 Timothy.

Shut off all the lights save the lights on the tree, sit around the tree and sing songs, hymns of Christmas and if one of the kids ask to sing Rudlolf, don't stress over it, sing it and have fun, after all God made the reindeer didn't he?

We should always keep our Bibles nearby but this is the time of year every mother needs it really close.

We have a lot of teaching to do and the Bible is the perfect curriculum.

Open it up, you will find lots of life lessons, lots of fun and memory making.

You will see how true God is to his word.

Nothing is just happenstance with God, nothing is just random, every word has a purpose and leads to another purpose until it all comes together in perfect unity.

It's amazing how many of the things that are in the story of Christ's birth continue on throughout the Bible.

He is the Lamb of God,

He is the Great Shepherd and we are his flock.

There was a great star and he tells us he is the bright and morning star.

It goes on and on.

This is just a small sampling.

You will find much more when you start looking.

Get your Bible, read it for yourself and be amazed at Christmas.


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