I've had cause everyday this week to be  outside at Lost River between three and four in the morning.

It's a beautiful time to be out.

It helps a person get perspective on things, some thing about stillness and a dark sky filled with stars sorta puts you in your place.

I think a lot of stuff when I'm out there.

I think about my family, I think about you all, I think about food, I pray for people who pop into my mind.

This morning I thought..."I'm cold."

So I got back in the truck.

You thought I was going to say something good didn't you?

Anyway, that is what I thought, so I did get in the truck and I turned the radio on.

There was a man talking and I don't know who he was but he was talking about worry.

He mentioned the verse in the Bible that says, "Birds of the air do not sow or reap."

That's in the book of Matthew and of course we know one of the things that passage teaches is that its of no use to worry.

The man on the radio said, he had never seen a bird have a nervous breakdown.

That's a true statement...I haven't either.

But then my mind wondered off and I don't know what else the man said but this is what I thought.....

For the most part a bird is sitting, flying singing or quiet.

They don't get to torn up about anything.

So it's good for us to be like a bird.. it's good for us to rest and trust in God's ability and promise to take care of us.

But then I kept thinking...

If the bird is threatened, or it's nest is disturbed or it's young are in danger then it doesn't sing, it doesn't sit, it doesn't fly away into the sky.

It squawks and it dives and it attacks with everything it has.

It makes noise and will hit you like a bomb if you don't heed the warning.

Have you ever heard a bird carry on when a cat gets in the tree?

It's loud and you notice it.

It made me start thinking about the saying, "Still waters run deep."

Or how you will hear people say things like,"He doesn't talk much but when he does everyone listens."

I thought about how not worrying and trusting is a good thing but sometimes even that trusting bird has to raise a ruckus.

Sometimes we do too.

When we see something wrong it's okay to say so but we don't want to always be saying so or no one will listen.

Sometimes we can be out in the yard and birds are singing and we don't even hear them but let a cat
climb the tree and you will pay attention.

The song changes, it's not the same old thing, it's a call to action.

I thought about the Proverbs 31 Woman in the   Bible, you start reading about her in verse 10 of chapter 31.

You read about how she takes care of her home and her family and reaches out to the community.

You read about all she does and it's not until almost the end of the chapter you read about her talking and then it says she opens her mouth with wisdom.

She doesn't "squawk" all the time.

So it's true we need to not worry like the birds and we need to not think that means we can never take a stand for anything.

We need to learn to be like the Proverbs 31 woman.

We need to let our actions be our words and if we need to it's good to use words but we need to be wise and sparing with them.

Funny all the thoughts you can have at four in the morning under a starry sky.


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