Sometimes you look back on the things your parents said and realize how right they were.

Dad always said a man needed a piece of land. He said if he has land he can take care of his family and provide for himself.

He also said a man needed a flue and a good woodstove.

When I was a girl we had a tornado and we were without electric for over a week.

It was early April and still a little cool but we were warm because we had a woodstove.

Mom cooked all our meals and made coffee on that stove.

We never went without and we didn't have to call on anyone to help.

When the big blizzard came and we were without power for a long time our pipes didn't freeze, we didn't freeze and we had plenty to eat thanks to the woodstove.

The same is true of a good well.

If you have a stove you can cook and stay warm and if you have a good well you can get water, now it might not be easy since everything is hooked up to the electric pump but still, push come to shove, you can get water out of that hole in the ground if you have too.

I would never build a house without a flue, to many things can happen and I want to be able to take care of ourselves if it does.

I don't want to find myself in a mess.

When the storms and tornadoes went through here the other day we never lost power but Mark's mom and dad did.

Mark had gone over there to help Mike and when he got home he was telling me about it and he said he ate dinner with his mom and dad.

I knew she didn't have any electric so I asked him what she fixed.

He said she had made an apple salad and had cooked some brown beans and other stuff on the woodstove.

As usual he enjoyed a delicious meal at his mothers table.

She was ready, she was not dependent.

I love that.

I'm glad both Mark and I were raised to think about those things.

Dad was right, a man does need a good woodstove and a flue and a well is worth a whole lot too.


  1. Great perspective! We all need to be able to take care of ourselves!


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