Did you ever have get a flat tire?

It usually doesn't take long to know you have a flat.

There's that bumpy, uneven ride you start noticing.

It might even be another driver sees it and tries to let you know by waving and motioning.

Once you know you have a flat, you're pretty much stopped.

You can't continue on until you deal with it.

You are going to have to find a safe place to pull over, you can't just stop anywhere.

Then you are going to have to get out and look and see exactly where its at and how bad it is.

You will have to find the spare if you even have one.

Then you are going to have to find the jack.

At some point you are probably going to have to get down on the ground.

You are probably going to get some road gravel and dirt on you and you very well might break a sweat from getting the lugs loose and tugging on the tire.

Eventually you'll  get it fixed and you'll get back on the road, only this time  the ride will be different

It'll feel smoother.  Things will be right.

That's how it is in life.

Sometimes we get a flat, things get bumpy, we know it's not right. We know we need a change others might even try to warn us.  They see what's happening and try to let us know.

But we can't just pull over.

We have to see it for ourselves.

Once we see it, it's often hard to immediately pull over, sometimes it takes us a little while.

To everyone else it looks simple, but when it's you it doesn't feel simple.

Finally one day you wake up and you see a way to make the change,  I guess you could say you see a place to pull over.

It's going to be like changing a flat, you are going to have to find a safe place to get out and once you get out you are probably going to get dirty.

You are going to hurt.

I've seen a few times when a person has tried to change a flat and the lug nuts were so tight they gave up and they left the car.  They had to go get some help.

There's not a thing wrong with that.

The point is once the tire is changed and things are set right, you can go again.

But until it's changed you are going to sit there along the road not going anywhere.

Don't be afraid if you're experiencing  a so called flat tire in life,  don't be afraid to stop and get out and fix it.

God is so good.

He never ever leaves us without a spare.

He knows there isn't a one of us that isn't going to make a mess at sometime or the other so he is standing at the ready to make things right.

We might get dirty and sweaty in the repair process but once it's done it's sort of like we get back in the car,  roll down the windows, turn up the radio and enjoy the ride.

Like I said before, He is so good and he always makes away.


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