What's Your Gift and Are You Living So That Others Can Tell

Have you ever been in a group, a study or a class where you were asked to tell what you thought you were good at or what your gift might be?

I have and I'm always so uncomfortable with that question.

I've always felt like to say what I might be able to do would be bragging, boastful or even prideful so I always just hem haw around when it's my turn.

While preparing for a recent Bible study it occurred to me that I don't have to feel like saying what I'm able to do or gifted to do is bragging or taking credit.

It's not because of me that I can do it.

If I say I can bake a good pie, I can only bake a good pie because God made it so.

If I say I can teach it is really saying, God has created me to teach.

To say I can't do what I'm gifted to do or to take the  credit for it myself  is really stealing honor from God.

Our gifts are meant to help our families, ours communities, churches and well, even the world.

Don't be afraid to embrace your gift.

Remember the song we sang as children, "This Little Light of Mine?"

One of the lines says, "hide it under a bushel?  No! I'm gonna let it shine!"

That's the way we should be about our  gifts and abilities.

With a humble heart examine yourself, ask God to show you how He has gifted you.

It could be you already know but just haven't been using it or maybe you've even like me, been guilty of either hiding it or hiding from it.

You know you have one, we all do.

What is it?

Don't feel like you can't say, we think that's humility, but really when we hide what God has given us it keeps glory from Him.

So go ahead, live in your gift.

It was meant to make the world a better place.

Ask God to show you what to do and where to serve.

He is just waiting to show you.


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