Thank You For a Wonderful Year of Blogging About Home

I can't believe it but I've been blogging for just over a year.

Time really does fly doesn't it.

I love sitting here and going back and reading about our time together over the last year.

It's like I take whatever day I'm reading about out and live it over again.

I love to think about how alike we are, about how your family is like my family, your thoughts are like my thoughts, your home like my home.

That's why we connect, that's why we laugh  together and cry together.

We're all pretty much alike under it all, we have victories and failures.

We have days we don't like our spouses and days we think they hung the moon.

Days we think we've been good parents and days we wonder what in the world we could have been thinking while we were raising them.

Sometimes we adore our in laws and sometimes we want to move away.

Thankfully if we're honest with ourselves, don't think to highly of ourselves and keep the right focus we find our life blog or story has much more happiness and thankfulness than grumpiness and ingratitude.

I'm not an expert at anything, I don't have a food blog or housekeeping blog or decorating blog or money blog, I just blog about home.

Not because my home is perfect, it gets ugly here sometimes just like it does at everyone's place at times but because I want to promote the feeling of home. Not just my home but your home.

I want us to grab hold of the treasure of home and never let go.

Home is not something we have to go in search of, it's right around us, it's something we have to come back to.

It's my prayer that over this last year your heart has been drawn even closer to your home and family than it was before.

Won't you help me to promote the love of our homes?

The best way to do that is by loving our homes and families.

The world needs strong homes more than it needs anything and isn't it wonderful that's something we can give it.

I have had a great year with all of you and I think of you more than you can ever know.

Thanks for a wonderful year of blogging <3


  1. I know I've enjoyed reading your blog, Kelly! I particularly like how you focus on the little things...the things that sometimes seem ordinary and mundane, but make up the fabric of our lives.
    The world does need more strong homes. Thanks for taking the time to encourage others in promoting the love of home and family.
    Here's to many more years of blogging! :)

  2. Thank you Barbara, you have been such an encourager to me. I appreciate it so much. I do love the little things because it seems that's what we have the most of. Thanks again it means so much coming from you.


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