I Knew I Didn't Like Him

Several of you have asked about Mark and I and how we met.

I know I've told some of it before but I'll share in this blog some of how we came to be.

To start with we rode the same school bus.

I can still see Mark, his twin brother Mike and their sister Karen waiting at the end of the lane when the bus pulled up.

I didn't like him,  I never did.

I had an assigned seat with his sister Karen and that was the year a lot of people from New Albany starting moving out to the eastern part of the county and our bus got really overcrowded

So it was Mark's sister, Karen, another girl and two kindergartner girls.  Someone had to hold the two little ones on their lap, Karen was the oldest so she said she wasn't going to do it so the other girl and I did.

This still makes me laugh because if you know Karen you know she is just one of the most giving sweet people you would ever want to meet yet she made us hold those girls and one of them wet on me.
No kidding.

But back to Mark,  my folks sold their farm and moved across the county line.

I had to change schools and that was traumatic to me. I hated it and thought I would never make friends but of course I did.

The place mom and dad bought is the same place they live now,  it is exactly 3.5 miles from the end of mom and dad's driveway to the beginning of Mark's mom and dad's  driveway.

So with the change of school I sort of lost out on Mark but I didn't even care, I didn't even like him enough to notice I had lost out on him.

Fast forward a couple of years and we meet up again, we meet because he was dating one of my best friends.

I still didn't like him and he didn't like me either which made it awkward because we were together often.

I told Cindy I didn't like him she should break up with him, he told Cindy he didn't like me and she should stop hanging around with me.

I don't know why, don't need to know why but at some point Mark and Cindy broke up and time goes on by.

Then one Wednesday evening after Bible study all of the teens were standing around talking, somehow the conversation got around to weight and the guys started trying to guess how much the girls weighed, this was stupid.

Mark looked at me and guessed my weight,  I was simply mortified, of all the nerve.

I went home stomped in the living room and told my dad what he had done and not only had he guessed but he was right on it and I was no light weight.

Dad laughed and said, "well he is an old hog farmer, he knows how to judge weight."

That made me even  more upset.


Then Christmas time came and they took the youth group to the St. Matthews Mall in Louisville to see the light and Christmas decorations.

Mark was already out of school and I was a junior.

He shouldn't have even came, he was to old but as I said, I didn't like him, now you know why,  he was pushy.

As the night goes on, you won't believe what happened.

Mark winked at  me.

I was shocked, I couldn't be sure that it really even happened but the girls with me told me it did.

Then it happened again,  my friends told me to wink back.

I gasped, I could never do such a thing,  I had been raised better than that.  My mother would have a heart attack if I dare do such a a brazen thing.

But I did it.

The next time he winked, with my friends urging me on, I winked back.

He said,  "I have something in my eye."


I'm not kidding you, this is no lie,  that is exactly what he said.

I knew I didn't like him.


  1. Wonderful, love hearing your story...give me a good laugh. We all have stories, but the way you tell it, certainly I could never write it as good....

  2. Oh my goodness, Kelly! That was SO funny.
    Your dad was so helpful. haha
    I hope you'll tell the rest of the story...or is it that you still don't like him? LOL

  3. Oh that is too funny! Can't wait to read the continuum!

  4. Ok, I am hooked..I'll be waiting for the rest of the story...I needed that smile..love the story...

  5. Wonderful story. Love your dad's comment! I rode the same school bus as my husband, too, and was great friends with his sister. I sure didn't like him, though.

  6. Yea, remember when you and Cindy fixed him dinner and you made very lumpy mashed potatoes and he commented on them! You were so mad!! You wouldn't even let me say his name. Somehow I just knew you were gonna marry him! HaHa!!


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