When The Preacher Comes To Dinner

The preacher was coming to dinner and so I was up early preparing the meal and doing last minute things.

I had a couple of things to put away but being in  a hurry I just threw them in our bedroom on the bed.

When I got ready to dry my hair I was in a hurry so I just threw the wet towel on the bed.

I dressed, left the room and shut the door.

I wasn't worried, I mean who would be in there anyway.

So after church I  went home before Mark so I could get things on the table and when Mark and the preacher, we'll call him Frank got here we sat down to eat.

This was back when Lucas had his long hair,  so Frank was at one end of the table and Lucas was at the other. Frank  asked Lucas if he had ever considered going to Bible College, Lucas looked at him, looked at the bowl of mashed potatoes he was passing, flipped his head to shake the hair out of his eyes and said, "No."

I cleared my throat and asked if anyone needed more gravy.

Then Mark said, "Honey, Frank said he likes to lay down and take a nap after he eats and so I said he could lay down in our room."

I started to choke,  I smiled and choked out, "Ooh  yes, that will be fine."

I was in a panic.

How could I get into the bedroom and get it ready?

What was I going to do.

Finally Frank got up and said he was going to go freshen up so as soon as he got in the bathroom I flew into the bedroom.

I picked up the towel and to my horror there was a big wet spot on the sheet.

I threw stuff in the closet.

Mark came in and said,  "Honey, isn't it nice we can do this, isn't it nice he can rest here?
I shot daggers at him with my eyes but  I must have missed because he never noticed.

I hissed , "Help me get the bed fixed!"

Somehow we got it done, the room was fresh and ready and Frank went in and took a nap.

I went to the basement and had a nervous breakdown.

I don't through my wet towels on the bed anymore.


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